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A Signal For Change


A huge motivation occurs for “change” when we are facing a life crisis or a feeling of desperation. This is a time when things get so bad that you cannot continue as you  have been.  You are at the end of your tether or feel you have hit rock bottom. You have to change or you will start to die slowly inside your own life.

All life needs growth… if it is not growing it will die.
If you are not growing in your life…you will also die.

Growth means change and there is no getting away from it, even in the last moments of life before your actual death there is a change taking place.

The urge of life to live in you,  will come in full force at the point when you are just starting to die inside your own life. This is the breaking point or crisis, when you realise that you cannot go on as you have been. You realise you have to change the things that have not been serving you well.  Such as your self defeating behaviours, your addictions, your limiting ways of thinking, your lack of self love, your refusal to take responsibility for yourself and your life.

We can all admit that we have been at a breaking point or had a life crisis and the fear that was stopping us from changing is then overridden by a greater fear of us dying if we don’t. At that point we then choose to make the change we so need.

There are those who choose to learn this lesson quickly. Who can spot the warning signs early, because they can see that they are headed towards this pattern again and choose to make a change sooner before another crisis hits.

There are those who forget this learning and continue to repeat the pattern by living a life of crisis after crisis or living a life and dying a little bit each day whilst living it.

A life can measured in a length of years from the moment of birth to when we take our last breath, but the big question and learning we all face is how many times do we need to die in our life before we truly know how to live it.

With Love
Lamanda – Transformational NLP Life Coach

Is it time for you to make a change in your life to feel alive with greater happiness, fulfillment and purpose? If so, I can provide the help you need to make lasting change to break you out of the limiting patterns that are keeping you stuck in a place you don’t want to be.


After this free session you will have:

1.  More clarity on what you can do to help yourself to get the best results.

2. Some steps to you get you started right away.

3. Some tips to overcome any obstacles you are facing now.

4. Knowledge of the one thing that really matters that will make a positive difference to your life. 

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