Do you want to break free of limiting beliefs, un-useful behaviours and bad habits?
Do you want to be happier, more content and know your purpose in life?
Do you want to get unstuck and move in a new direction?
Do you know what you want but are not sure how to get it?

Transform Your Life With NLP Coaching


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I have coaching sessions with you over anyone else?

If you have found my website and are reading this you are likely looking for someone to help you to make changes in your life.    Deciding on who you go to for help is a choice that should resonate well with you. One of my passions and purpose in my life is to help people be Illuminated to who they truly are and help them to tap into all their innate talents and use them to create a happier and satisfying life and that could be YOU!

Having coaching with me enables you to be motivated to do greater things, to be the best version of yourself,  to be happier, more successful and move in a direction that  makes a positive difference in your life and those you encounter.

I also have a gift that some other coaches don’t use.  I am highly intuitive, and I can tap into your unique vibrations to help you understand your inner truth.  I can also teach you how to tap into your own intuition for use in your own life and that’s a big bonus to have.

The coaching I offer brings together all the techniques, processes and teachings into a  tailored made plan to cater to your specific needs for achieving success in your life.  I truly believe in you, your dreams and I want them to come true as much as you do.

How much do you charge for coaching sessions and how long are the sessions?

I charge $199 per session. The coaching sessions are usually between one and a half hours to two hours long. I also offer coaching packages of which the details can be discussed at time of contact.

How are the sessions facilitated?

The sessions can be facilitated face to face from my office in West Auckland or online using Skype.  I can also travel to you if you live in Auckland.  If I travel to you I will charge travel expenses at a pre-arranged cost agreed with you.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies between individuals and depending on the type of coaching that is needed.  It usually takes 2 to 3 sessions to set off some real change in yourself that makes a noticeable difference.

Do you do coaching plans over a period of time as a block booking?

Yes, I can do can do block booking coaching plan and we can arrange the time period and the price of the plan to suit your budget and payment terms.

What ages do you cater for?

I usually cater for all ages over 18.  However in some circumstances I can coach younger individuals who are having behavioural difficulties which is causing them personal issues and unhappiness (at the parents or guardian’s consent).

 I live overseas can you still coach me?

Yes, i can coach you over Skype at a pre-arranged time to suit us both for the different time zones.

If You Want to Change Your Life For The Better?


After this Free of Charge session you will have:

1.  More clarity on what you can do to help yourself to get the best results.

2. Some steps to you get you started right away.

3. Some tips to overcome any obstacles you are facing now.

4. Knowledge of the one thing that really matters that will make a positive difference to your life.