Do you want to break free of limiting beliefs, un-useful behaviours and bad habits?
Do you want to be happier, more content and know your purpose in life?
Do you want to get unstuck and move in a new direction?
Do you know what you want but are not sure how to get it?

Transform Your Life With NLP Coaching

Roger Wadham – New Zealand

“I first experienced NLP with Lamanda before Christmas 2014. I had long been bothered by an abusive childhood memory that would reappear and grab me whenever my mood became low. Days apart or several times per day, it never left me alone, it always would drive my outlook dangerously lower, and make me suicidally ill.

The details remained completely fresh in my mind since I was 5, time never dulled the memory and no amount of personnal growth workshops,counseling, support from friends or other reconciliation has ever helped. When NLP was offered the timing was right to try a new solution, and so I ended up at Lamanda’s office.

I explained how tricky it was for me to go close to the memory and Lamanda guided me through an exercise around the events I felt safe to recall. It was smooth and deceptively simple, and not at all confrontational or emotionally risky, yet from that day to this there has not been one recurrance. The memory has not gone, nor disapeared, and it no longer owns me if I deliberately regenerate it, it just seems to have peacefully gone to bed somewhere else where it no longer bothers me.”

I’m a complete convert, and am very pleased with this result.”

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