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My Letter of Truth To You



2015 has been one of the most challenging years for me.  I lost my mum in January after watching her slowly die over a period of a year, which was heart breaking.  Then around the same time my cat Ziggy disappeared from my life too.  There was so much sorrow in these loses it literally knocked me off my feet.  Then just when I was regaining my footing, I was made redundant at my job due to a company restructure.

My life seemed like it was being pulled apart at the seams and in order for me to stay grounded, I knew I had to find my anchor.  That little something I could hold onto to help get me through this tough time.

Hope was my anchor, and its message to me was there were better things to come.

During that time, I managed to stay focused enough to complete my NLP Master Practitioner Training.  It was an achievement that I felt proud of, because during the training I was pushed into new territories of personal development, by facing a lot of stuff that had held me back for years. It seemed to me like an ideal opportunity to finally set myself free.  Afterwards, I felt so much better about who I was, as well with gaining more personal empowerment and a clear reason to move forward in my life.

For me having to let go of so much over such a short space of time, I took as a sign of life giving me a “Big Nudge” to head in a new direction.

A direction my soul had been calling for me to take for quite some time, and I was finally listening to the voice of its reason.

On my journey into the unknown, I’ve been out of my comfort zone more times than not, and have learnt how to be ok feeling the uncomfortable.  I have leant not to “push to hard” and just allow things to happen in the right time. I have learnt the true meaning of having patience, one of my biggest lessons since my childhood.  And on the many occasions when doubts arose I handed them over to a faith that was waiting along side the doubts to take them away.


This year I have given a lot of myself to others without wanting anything in return.  I have also received so much from many who came into my life at the right moment,  to help me get through some of the most difficult situations I faced at the time.

Getting help from others was the key thing that assisted me to gain a clear direction and clarity of where I want to go in my life and what I want to do with it.

2015 has been a year of Self Realisation on many levels.  A year of breaking barriers, overcoming obstacles, setting new supporting beliefs, letting go, taking  risks, a deepening of faith, being willing to step into the unknown and face a huge amount of fears.  I’ve also had to front up to my life by taking full responsibility for it, in order to create what I truly want for myself.

I have also had the honour of meeting some amazing people who asked me for my help and on the journey of us working together I have been able to help make a difference to their life.  I’ve been a witness to many transformations. I’ve seen people change, grow and achieve amazing things.   I’ve seen their fears turned into courage, sleepless nights into peaceful sleep, sadness into happiness, confusion into clarity, doubts into faith, darkness into light and a sense of purpose blossoming into a glorious flower, as life gains a new meaning.

As I witnessed the transformation in others , I mirrored their growth. I saw myself in them and through the journey of us being together in the exact same world in that moment of time, it was two souls that grew, it was two souls that opened up, it was two souls that wanted more for themselves.

It was two souls that honoured their own potential and awakened to their purpose and said yes to a life they want.

2015 has been a very challenging year for me, but on the same note a brilliant year of growth, revelations and inspiration, that cannot be truly expressed in words. It is deeply felt in my heart and soul and as I write this with tears welling up in my eyes I know I am truly ready for 2016.

Ready to do more of the same, ready to be there and help others in their journey to create what it is they so want.  Ready to help others say yes to life so life can say yes back to them.

Life is meant to be lived to ignite our passion, our purpose, our love and our joy.  Where we can flourish in our own truth and be happy with ourselves.  A life where we can make better choices to lead us to get what our heart yearns for.

A life where the future looks bright and is filled with new possibilities that pulls us in the direction of our dreams.

A life that we can choose at any moment to create for ourselves and even if we don’t know how to do it, we can put our trust in the universe to bring us all that we need to help us on our journey. Whether it will be the right person showing up to help us in that moment, or the teacher that arrives for the student who is now ready, or a person like me that comes into your life to inspire you to a new way of being you, who believes in your dreams just as much as you, and who can help you step onto a path that leads you into your potential to help you create the life you deserve to live.

A big question I now ask; is that something you would want ?

One of the last comments my mum made to me toward the end of her life was;

“Life goes by too quickly to waste it on not being happy about who you are or what you are doing.  Listen to your heart and live your dreams now. Because you don’t know when your life is going to end and it will be too late to do it when it does”.

She was 82 when she died, “a ripe old to age” some would say, but she was not ready to die and had many regrets and unfulfilled wishes because she didn’t listen to her heart about so many things in her life.

So in sharing my story, did anything arise in your mind that spoke to you about making a change that could change your life for the better. Something you could do to honour yourself and your own magnificence to make 2016 the best year yet?


Next year I am committed to helping people live a life they love to live and I am taking bookings now for a free “Illuminating Your Potential” Coaching Session.

If this calls to you it could be the first step you could take to start your new year off with a Big Bang!

Illumination Potential Caoching Session

Are you reading to say to YES to LIFE?  I know I am.


With Love

Lamanda xxx




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